Social Media Marketing Tips for your Blog

If you are looking to further promote your blog through social media marketing have a look at our tips we have collated to grow you blog through these social channels.

Social Media Marketing Tips for your Blog

  • Produce educational content that your readers will find interesting in the effort that you will encourage them to subscribe to your feed so they can receive further updates.
  • Make sure you post consistently, if you really want to leverage your blog then blogging everyday (at least weekdays) is a must.
  • Write captivating blog titles to spark the interest if your readers
  • Writing articles on top tips to … and 10 best way to… work well online and are often shared frequently.
  • Incorporate social media buttons onto your blog, at least Facebook Like, Tweet, and LinkedIn share buttons.
  • Place a Facebook Like box for your Fanpage in the sidebar or top right-hand side of your blog so people can easily keep track of you on Facebook.
  • Comment on other blogs in your niche and include your URL in the comments box. This is a proven way to attract new readers.
  • As your blog grows so off your numbers – traffic, Alexa Rank, Facebook likes, Twitter followers etc. If you are growing make sure people know – all good businesses show to their users and customers they are growing.
  • In a prominent position include a email subscription box, again preferably in your sidebar in the top right of your blog. Some of your users may not have the time (or remember) to visit your site every-day, but allowing them to receive your content via email can keep them engaged. Be smart with your email feed, only show a summary of your post to encourage them to click through to your site and read the rest.
  • Make sure every blog post if fully SEO optimised for as much organic traffic as possible.
  • Add a ‘Tutorial’ section to your blog and try post 1 or 2 new tutorials every week about your particular niche. Over time this section will build up and you will get repeat traffic and new users consistently finding you via search engines.
  • Incorporate Video Blogging if appropriate as this has a high rate of interaction (ie users will watch your whole post – instead of reading half a text post and then leaving). Also video blogging may be relatively new in your niche and this presents a good opportunity for you to stand out.
  • Invite guest bloggers onto your blog in an effort to get different views and opinions about your particular niche. Also consider doing guest blogging yourself on other blogs that will help promote you name brand. This alone can turn your blog from ‘nothing’ to ‘something’ if you are a big guest blogger.
  • Make sure you blog has appropriate branding for your company or product. You need to be more than a default WordPress template.

We hope these Social Marketing Blog tips help. We will be bringing your some more social media marketing tips soon specifically for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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