Social Media Tips for Beginners

on November 16, 2011 | Social Media | Comments (1)

You may just be starting out in social media, or have some family/ friends/ colleagues who are new to using social media websites. This article is designed to give users a broad overview and tips on the best way to use social media and networking websites.

1. Be Yourself

When using social media sites, you are being social. Be yourself – don’t try pretend you are someone else or overstate your skills. Let your true personality shine through on social networks.

2. Fill out your profiles completely

Make sure you have a quality photo (headshot) so people can see who you are. Make sure you fill out your bio and website links. Give other users as much information about you (appropriate information) so they have an understand about you before you engage in conversation.

3. Be Humble

Don’t pretend you are some ‘social media expert’ when you are not. If you are new in social media go out looking for information and industry colleagues you can chat with.

4. Be Active

There is no point joining these social networking site if you are not active. Make sure you follow new people, interact and talk with them, and ask questions – get free advice!

5. Share your content

You may be using social media for business or personal reasons. Whatever the case, share what you are doing/ working on. Sharing content invites conversation – the whole point of using these sites.

6. Don’t over-promote

If you are using SM for business purposes, don’t over-promote your brand as this will eventually reflect poorly on your company.

7. Find the best Social Networks for you

You’ll probably find Facebook is best for personal use, , but when it comes to business should you also be using Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus? Find out the best social network for your work/industry.

8. Use tools to help manage social media

There may be mobile apps or desktop applications that can make using social media sites easier. See what’s out there and what works for you.

9. Take note of legal issues

Social Media sharing has changed the way we distribute content. Be aware that re-tweeting content that is infringing copyright can get you in trouble – even if you do not realise.

10. Switch Off

Don’t become obsessed or absorbed in using social media sites. Don’t be posting to Twitter all day long every 15 minutes (unless you are being paid to do so). At the end of the day you need to switch off and take a break.

Got any other tips beginner tips for social media? Please let us know.

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