I have been using a new Social sharing tool recently called They describe the service as ‘Mailchimp for Twitter’. allows your to create Twitter (and Facebook) applications whereby other users connect their social media accounts with your Spread Us application. Then you are able to send out an update through your social media accounts and those people who have connected with your application. This is done with Twitter Re-Tweets and Facebook shares and a great way to expand the reach of your social messages.

Spread Us v1

Traditionally, you are able to connect your RSS feed and spread all your recent blog posts/ articles and get more Retweets and Facebook shares. This obviously helps your social authority as search engines now place importance on the number of retweets and social shares.

Spread Us v2

The new system has had a major enhancement.

Instead of just sharing items from your RSS feed, you can now write custom updates that will be sent to your account and those followers who have connected with your account.

This is really useful in spreading important messages via social networks.

Now you get a simple interface where you can spread your message:

The system can integrate with your account so you can track all clicks to your campaigns – and the statistics are reported inside your account.

With this recent update both version 1 and 2 is available for users – and this is great because both systems serve their own purpose.

You can see the media release from here:

Why not connect to my account – click this icon to start authentication with your Twitter account:

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