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I have come across a new social application for publishers that helps push your content to the social web.

The site is called and allows your followers and website readers automatically share to Facebook and Twitter your new content everytime you publish an article.

The service has been around for over a year but admittedly only came across it last night.

As part of the account setup you create 2 new applications in the Facebook and Twitter developer consoles that the API interacts with.

There is no doubt that the successful implementation of this product will lead to:

  • more of your content shared on social media sites
  • Extended reach through social sites
  • increased credibility and reputation from the increased shares
  • more repeat website visitors
  • increase in brand awareness
  • improved SEO (when your content is mass shared)

So seeing as these advantages are evident I have decided to create an account on

Feel free to share my content by pressing this button and seeing how the service works.

Maybe this tool would be good for your business?

David Cowling :

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  • kimsocial

    This seems interesting, but I wonder how many of the visits are relevant. Traffic and numbers are one thing, but is it truly having an effect on the user's end goal? BizBrag has a platform that includes more social platforms and utilizes SEO so that the content is relevant to searches. It expands growth hugely but with focused content to the correct audience.