Television advertising for Movies now Encompassing Social Media

If you have kept a close eye on how Film Studios are advertising their latest movies on TV – you will notice that they are now showing a link to the movies Facebook fan page, instead of the movies actual web address.

You may ask – why are the Film producers doing this?

Getting a user to visit your web site is not enough anymore. They may come once, then leave and forget about your movie.

If you redirect a user to your Fan page – they can ‘Like’ the movie and this link will stay on their profile / timeline for some while.

In addition to this – when you ‘Like’ this Movie(brand) – that action will show up on your friends home page further promoting the movie.

This is a smart way for major Film studios to market their site in a viral manner through social media. Facebook seems to be the clear social network of choice, but you never know that could change anytime.

Next time you see a TV advertisement promoting a new movie – look at how they promote their web presence.

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