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on November 11, 2011 | Blog WordPress | Comments (6)

Blog commenting is an important aspect in determining how active your blog is, and how well you are engaging your visitors.

Over the past couple of years as blogging has become so popular and with so many blogs now, many have speculated that blog commenting is dead. Whilst I don’t necessarily believe this it is true – people are commenting on blogs less and less, bar the major highly trafficked blogs.

I want to engage my readers further and anyone who comments on this blog – particularly first time commenters. I want to send them a thank you note and also redirect them to a page giving a break down of what we do here. I believe this is a nice personal touch for your users.

So there are 2 WordPress plugins that can help you do this:
– Thank Me Later
– Comment Redirect

1. Thank Me Later

This plugin is very handy and feature packed. When someone comments on your blog it will send that person a ‘Thank you’ email.

The plugin has various options and you can fully customise the email and message inside the email. You also have the choice of only sending the email on that persons first comment, or you can enable it every time they comment.

You can also decide on how long the delay is until that email is sent. Maybe you want to set it for a days time and include a link back to your site to encourage that visitor to return.

I have just installed this and in the thank you message have also included some of my social media links.

You can download this plugin here:

2. Comment Redirect

This comment redirect plug is very simple. Firstly you create a page on your website that you want to redirect first time users to, eg Thanks for Commenting page. On this page you can explain what your blog does, again list your subscription options and thank the user for participating.

You simply install and active this plugin, then select which page on your blog you will redirect people to.

You can download this plugin here:

Now – want to see this work?

If you have not commented on this blog before, why not leave me a comment below telling me how handsome I am – and you will see these 2 plugins in action.

Then decide if you would like to add this personal touch to your blog! 🙂

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