The End for Facebook?

May 31 has been labelled as ‘Quit facebook day’. Is this really the end for Facebook?

There have been recent global movements to put an end to Facebook’s monopolising of the web, mainly because of their privacy policies. There are a couple of reasons why people are scared of what Facebook is doing such as making more information available to the public, the complexity of privacy settings and problems with erasing ‘likes’ and ‘interests’ on a users Facebook page.

The bottom line is that Facebook is making more and more information public instead of going the other way. This open model has been the reason it has been so successful as a social media platform but obviously there is a line that the public is trying to draw.

Facebook hasn’t been sitting still on these privacy issues. One of the founders of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced new Facebook privacy controls which ‘dumbs’ down and simplifies the privacy settings in a user account.

There is no denying that Facebook has responsibilities which they are acting upon but as a user we also have responsibilities.

What do you think about the ‘Quit Facebook day’ movement? Is there another alternative to Facebook on the web? Where else on the web enables you to stalk others like Facebook?

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