The Evolution of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system in history. Being the largest software company in the world Microsoft has annual revenue of $50 Billion +

Over the years Microsoft has held a perfect monopoly and now Founder and Owner, Bill Gates devotes his time and money to the Gates Foundation – a foundation aiming to change the world, 3rd world problems, and discrepancies in the American social system.

Lets take a look back at how Microsoft came together and the Windows product was born.

– Microsoft Windows Version 1 was released on 20 November 1985 and was built on the back end of the MS-DOS software.

– Microsoft Windows Version 2 was released on 9 December 1987. More popular than the previous version thanks to basic graphical applications – Word & Excel.

– Version 2.0x had a maximum of 1 Megabyte of memory.

– Windows 2.1/286 and 2.1/386 were released with more high grade memory available.

– In 1990 Windows Version 3 was launched with a proper graphical user interface similar to the then Macintosh Computer. The machines also had virtual memory.

– Around 10 million copies of Windows Version 3.0 were sold.

– In 1992 Microsoft released Windows Version 3.1 which had slight upgrades and bug fixes.

– In 1993 Windows NT 3.1 was released.

– In 1995 Windows NT 3.5 was released – aimed at high end computer systems, financial, and mission-critical computer systems.

– On August 24 1985 Windows 95 was launched and became the most successful operating system at the time for Microsoft.

– In 1996 Windows NT 4.0 was released.

– On 25 June 1998 Windows 98 was released.

– In 2000 Windows 2000 was launched as an upgrade to Windows NT 4.0

– In September 2000 Windows Me (Millennium Edition) was released.

– In October 2001 Microsoft launched Windows XP.

– In 2006 Windows Vista was launched.

– In October 2009 Windows 7 was available for purchase and has become the most successful operating system ever released by Microsoft.

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