The Pathetic Twitter Loser

on October 16, 2012 | Twitter | Comments (2)

Twitter is an interesting social media platform – almost all users are public and the service allows us to post short messages, generally without annoying your friends (aka Facebook).

Personally, I use Twitter 85% for work, maybe 15% for chatting with colleagues/ acquaintances/ friends.

With Facebook, if you dribble pointless updates all day people will start asking questions

“What’s with all the crap you are posting?”

and it will get to the point where you unfriend people who fill your feed with childish and boring updates.

However on Twitter – it is very easy to get away with posting absolute garbage updates. Some of Twitter’s critics have always commented that much of the discussion is pointless babble, compared with other social networks.

Maybe we have something in our sub-conscience where if we see a stupid update on Twitter we OKAY it and just keep scrolling.

But really, is it OK? No it’s not – it makes the user look unprofessional, insecure, and illegitimate.

So here is my list on what makes you a pathetic Twitter loser:

1. You get drunk and act childish on Twitter.

2. You act childish on Twitter when not drunk.

3. You post many updates in which no-one replies

4. You post a large number of negative updates on why your life is so bad. Seriously!?

5. You do too many self-promotion teaser tweets

6. You share personal details with the world that you don’t even share with those close to you

7.  You rant and rave like people actually care – again, noone replies to your tweets

8. You try use Social Media for business, you try very hard but it’s of no use to your particular business.  You keep trying, not really sure what updates to post so it just becomes a bunch of dribble. It is a little pathetic, concentrate on your actual business – don’t get distracted by ‘social media’.

9. Twitter for Klout – if you are one of those people who do mass RT’s with just other usernames to boost your Klout score and ‘engagemtn’ – it just looks stupid and you look like a spammer.

10. You Troll and abuse people on Twitter. Don’t really need to say any more about that one.

I’m happy to update this list, got any for me?

Unfortunately, I just need to open my Twitter stream to see many of these issues. Hence why I churn whom I’m following and only have about 200 people on this list.

But wait!

Yes you can joke around on Twitter, make jokes, have fun – just make sure you have a decent Twitter history to prove you are a real, normal human to make up for any not so serious discussion.

Just because you are on the internet doesn’t mean you can start acting like some weirdo – keep that to your real life.

Now, don’t be like one of these people – you are better than that – you are a business person, you are a professional, you are a leader in your field? 🙂

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