The Secret to Viral Content

on December 1, 2011 | Blog | Comments (1)

So what is the secret to Viral Content?

Well if there was one hard and fast rule, everyone would be doing it and all content on the internet would be viral – that doesn’t make much sense, and it wouldn’t last long.

Firstly, we need to define exactly, What is Viral Content?

Lets keep it short – Viral Content is content that spreads fast thanks to the general mass and internet population spreading your content over social media sites, due to a popular and engaging piece of material.

So what are 3 ideas I can give you today in the effort to product your own Viral Content?

1. Tell A Story

You may notice that there are many blogs or websites in your particular niche giving out information and tips to achieve better success for its readers. In fact as a blogger you may have million of other competitiong blogs all doing the same thing you are – giving out advice and tips.

So how do you set yourself apart from them? Tell A Story

It could be a story of success or failure on your business.  People like to read real world experiences and if you can provide a captivating experience to your audience this will invite a deeper thought process into your article and writing – basically it will have greater effect!

If you write a good story and experience then your network will most likely want to share the advice and lessons learned in this story with their friends, family, colleagues etc.

2. Be Personal

In addition to telling a story, if you don’t have a particular story – share an article with your personal opinion.

Keep the opinion related to your niche and don’t act irrational or inappropriate, give a stern view of the subject matter whilst still maintaining your professionalism.

3. Breaking News

If you don’t have a story to tell, or a personal opinion piece to share – the only real approach you can take is releasing breaking news. On this blog (very) occasionally I will come across some breaking news and be one of the first to post it on the net (targetting Australian users). If you are one of the first you will have time at the very top of Google Page1 even 5 minutes after you’ve pressed the post button.

As the story becomes mainstream and people start Googling it (1o minutes later) you will be the first result and have a huge amount of traffic clicking through to you.

Hopefully with each of these 3 points you can generate plenty of tweets, likes, +1’s, links etc to your content.

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