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on January 10, 2012 | Social Media | Comments (2)

I asked myself this question last night:

What is the best way to integrate social media into my lifestyle?

What a bizarre question you may think this is, but in fact more people are talking about this than you may realise.

If you run your own business, or have social media responsibilities in your current job, what is the best way to keep ontop of your social media activities and integrating it into your everyday lifestyle? Not to mention your personal social networking use.

Social Media Lifestyle Tips

Wake up in the morning – check your Twitter/ Facebook for any urgent replies/ status updates.

On the trip to work – take a cool photo, upload to Flickr and/or Instagram. Keep scrolling through your Twitter/ FB replies if you have a lot of activity.

At the Coffee shop – check-in on Foursquare, you want that Mayor badge!

At work – see what your social network contacts are talking about, can you add any value to their current discussions? Start posting your new updates to Twitter/ Facebook/ LinkedIn etc.

Talking with your colleagues – tap into their expertise, is anything they are saying worthy of a social network conversation, blog post, tweet, Facebook update etc.

Out at lunch – gone somewhere fancy? Photo please – upload to Facebook/ Instagram (make sure you are using hashtags to get lots of Likes).

Afternoon in the office – get on LinkedIn, check for any new inMails or invitations. Any discussions or Q&A you can help out with? Any industry colleagues you want to connect with?

Evening – craft your blog posts for tomorrow, or just jot down some ideas to keep your ‘blog bank’ full.

Trip home – stopping somewhere for dinner? Make sure you check-in on Facebook/ Foursquare, tag friends if they are with you.

Out to the Pub – photos with friends please, upload to Facebook and tag location.

Laying in bed – before you goto sleep, have a quick check of your social network accounts to see if there has been any feedback in the evening, or anything pressing that you need to do tomorrow morning.
Facebook & Twitter

For some people, all of this comes very naturally. The advantage is clear – you will look like a ‘super user’ (geek) always ‘consumed’ in social media, paving the way for increased engagement from your contacts.


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