Timeline for Pages – 10 Facebook Tips you need to know

on March 26, 2012 | Facebook | Comments (4)

The new Timeline layout for Facebook pages is almost ready for rollout to all pages worldwide. We’ve summarised the key points you need to know about the new layout and how to best customise your page.

Some users have complained about the new look, there is no point doing this – we need to take advantage of the largest social network in the world and get our pages looking professional.

1. Global Rollout

All pages will be converted to the Timeline layout on Friday, 30 March 2012. So I recommend this week you spend planning and configuring the new layout as roll-out is imminent. You don’t want to be left at the last minute scrambling for images and info.

2. New Timeline Cover Photo

Similar to personal profiles, pages now get a large size cover photo.

The dimensions of this photo are: 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. I would suggest you make up a photo in this exact size for you page. This will ensure there is no need for Facebook to scale your photo to the right sizing.

3. Profile Photo

Do note that the Profile photo is now 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels high. I would suggest making a new image in this exact size as a new profile photo – as your previous image was probably much higher than it’s width.

4. No More Landing Pages

With the Timeline layout there is no option to create a landing page to capture fans and entice them to Like. Many have said this is disappointing, and now all users will be redirected to the wall.

As all users will no be showing the wall, make full use of the following:

  • Cover photo
  • About Section
  • Other Pages your Page has liked
  • Apps displayed under the cover photo

5. Make use of Applications

There are now 4 applications (tabs) that will show underneath your cover photo. Note that your photos will always be one of these tabs.

So add 3 apps that will be most useful and engaging to your audience, for example I have added:

  1. MailChimp application so people can signup to my email newsletter from Facebook
  2. YouTube application so people can watch our video blogs
  3. I left the big Likes box there to show off my like count

You are able to change the image on each of these apps by the following.

1. Click the down arrow next to the 3 main apps:

2. Click on the Edit App icon for the application you want to change, then press Edit Settings

3. On the next screen press the Change button next to Change Tab Image.

Note: The thumbnail size of the app images is 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels high.

6. Private Messaging for Pages 

Users are now able to message the page directly via a Private Messaging button right underneath the cover photo. This feature is especially useful for customer service orientated businesses.

7. Adding Milestones

Again, like on the personal profile – you can click anywhere on the Timeline to add a Milestone for your page:

8. Highlighted Posts

If you have a special status update you would like to focus on, there is a Star symbol on the right-hand side of every post. Press this and the post will be highlighted and go full width on your page.

This would be particularly good for a page photo and when you highlight a post you can have an image exactly 843 pixels wide by 403 pixels high.

9. New Insights

One area of importance, especially to marketers is the new insights page administrators get. What I like is the new ‘Talking about This’ insights.

Previously Facebook would tell you how many people are talking about this page, which shows the number of people interacting with your page over the past month.

Now the insights tools will give you the exact demographic information about the ‘Talking about this’ users. These are great metrics to show you of the people interacting with your page, what sort of users are they and where are they from.

10. Know the Facebook Rules

You can see the help centre here explaining what you are allowed to do with your Facebook Cover photo -

For example, you can’t use the cover photo to advertise other businesses, including contact information or ask users to Like or Share.

We hope this article helps you get the most out of your Timeline Page. If you have any tips yourself – then please do share.

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