Twitter Acquires Short Video Service – Vine

on January 25, 2013 | Twitter | Comments (0)

In an interesting move, Twitter has acquired a short video service application called Vine.

Vine is an iOS application and allows you to embed a short 6 second or less video in your tweets, and also the option to send to Facebook. The app is also integrated with Foursquare so you can check-in with any video update.

We previously wrote about an application called Keek, which we described as the ‘Video Instagram’. Keek is a very similar application that lets users create short videos up to 36 seconds and then share them to Facebook and Twitter.

The benefit Keek has is that the Kardashian’s all use and promote Keek significantly – this has really boosted the apps user numbers. We speculated there must be some sort of financial arrangement with the Kardashian’s to get their constant support.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this acquisition by Twitter pans out and to see how this app competes with it’s most similar rival, Keek.




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