Twitter Finally Launches Follow Button

on June 1, 2011 | Twitter | Comments (3)

Twitter has unveiled a new feature that allows website owners to add a ‘Follow’ button to their site – allowing users to Follow them on Twitter without leaving the webpage or being redirected to Twitter.

Similar to the Facebook Like button, I am surprised it has taken Twitter so long to finally get around to implementing this.

You can create your Follow Buttons here:

You are given several options like:
– the button on a white or dark background
– showing your follow count or not

If a user is already logged into Twitter and presses the Follow button, they are instantly following you. If the user is not signed in they will get a prompt to sign-in.

I have added one in the sidebar –> Please follow me! 🙂

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  • Thanks David – just implemented mine too! have you tried getting the follower count to display? Mine not working, wondering if it is a sidebare width thing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Dean,

    I didn't want to show off my count yet, as it's not all that impressive – but other sites seem to be getting the count to work ok.

    I've just hit 1000 facebook fans. Twitter next!

  • This is really nice, follow and plus one!