Twitter Picture upload Feature released

on August 10, 2011 | Twitter | Comments (0)

Twitter has released a new feature to their site that allows users to upload pictures and photos directly to Twitter, which are then attached to a status update.

The service is actually hosted by Photobucket, and no doubt there is an interesting commercial arrangement behind the deal, but no details have been disclosed yet.

Twitter has recently be doing a fair amount of work to improve user functionality and bring features under their control, such as purchasing numerous 3rd party mobile applications then rebranding them as Twitter products.

Here is how you can add photos and pictures to your Tweets:

Twitter picture upload
This may be a good security feature for users as whenever a picture is uploaded via this new system the link is:

This will enable users to see a photo has been legitimately uploaded via the Twitter photo upload service, identifiable by the link – whereas previously there were a lot of suss links being posted on Twitter / phishing scams.

Go on, write a new status update and upload a cool picture! 🙂

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