Twitter to put Photos and Videos in your stream

on July 30, 2010 | TwitPic Twitter TwitVid | Comments (0)

There has been no official statements from Twitter, but they have been conducting tests on some user accounts where Videos and Pictures can be added into a users stream.

No doubt Twitter will make a decision soon if the way this as a permanent part of their product.

Personally, I don’t think they should. In my opinion they need to focus on what they do well and generate some revenue. Why is Twitter taking so long to do this?

If Twitter does go down the multimedia route the site will basically become a Tumblr (which the site has built its platform on).

The popularity of Twitter is that you can quickly see what your friends and colleagues are writing/ saying. Adding pictures and videos bloats the page up.

Twitter needs to address their current scaling problems, reducing fail whales, and start earning some real money. If they host their own videos they developer partners like TwitPic and TwitVid (companies that helped [indirectly] grow) will be lost.

Only time will tell what happens..

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