Twitter Web Application Tracks 2010 Election Voting Intentions In Real Time

on August 17, 2010 | Australia Twitter | Comments (0)

We received a tip today on a new Twitter tracking application tool that is collating all the Tweets about the Australian 2010 Federal Election.

AUG 2010: A new web application,, from PeopleBrowsr, has launched today converting twitter conversations into real time, quantitative data about voting intentions for the upcoming Federal Election.

Candidates used to have to wait until complex and exhaustive polling was completed before knowing if their new policy announcement was a vote winner, or not.

Candidates no longer have to wait for complex and exhausting polling to gauge the success of policy announcements; displays in real time how the electorate is responding to their policies and campaigning in general.

By hooking into the Twitter Full Firehose and using a suite of proprietary technologies developed in-house by PeopleBrowsr, graphically displays voter sentiment across three key political areas:

? Preferred Prime Minister (Julia Gillard, Labor) v (Tony Abbott, Liberal)
? Preferred Party (Labor v Liberal v Greens v Nationals)
? Policy debate

Jodee Rich, CEO of PeopleBrowsr says, “ analyses each tweet for positive and negative keywords and is even able to detect sarcasm in what may seem like a positive tweet, but actually isn’t. The number of for and against tweets computes to a score which is graphically represented on a series of dials.”

Far beyond being just for candidates, has been created with the needs of the electorate in mind. Anyone can view the site and instantly comprehend the sentiment for a particular leader, party or policy.

Being fully interactive, users can click to see the latest tweets from leaders and from each major party and cast their ‘social vote’ for their preferred leader and party by sending a tweet without having to leave the site.

The policy debate section graphically demonstrates which issues are currently trending within the electorate using a ‘tag cloud’. Any issues within the cloud can then be clicked on for a full twitter stream of the latest thoughts about that topic.

“ will become the first place for pundits, politicians and the
population in general to go to when they want to know the sentiment of the country,” concludes Rich.

Check out the site at:

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