Use Social Media to boost Real-World Relationships

on April 23, 2012 | Social Media | Comments (2)

What I have realised with Social Media is that sometimes we become so focused on the metrics we are not paying enough attention to the opportunities being created.

Yes we want more Likes, Followers, Views, Hits etc – but if we are getting real world business relationships and new clients – this is the ultimate goal from using social media marketing.

My tips on how to turn your online Social Media activities into a person to person relationship:

1. The conversation starts with a Social Media dialogue. Interaction is your primary goal.

2. For customers who show interest in your business – get onto the phone with them as soon as you can. A text message dialogue over social media is good for the initial approach, but from there you want to show this possible customer you are a person with a voice.

Give them a call to introduce yourself, thank them for the enquiry and pass across some free advice or useful info. Before the sales approach it’s about building trust – and the best way to go about building trust is by helping that person for free and listening to their story. If you go in straight with the sales pitch it tells the customer you are about the money, not about the business and hearing their story.

This approach will put you on the leading foot as I bet many people won’t goto this effort to acquaint themselves with a new lead.

3. For the general public who enquire or give feedback on your product or service – if the number of  enquiries is not huge then make sure you reply to each person.

In some cases where you think further discussion is needed  (or maybe you have some negative commentary) provide an email address or phone number – showing that member of the public you will take out the time to answer their query, offline.


The approach is rather simple – don’t act like a salesperson from the start, build the relationship, show you are real – take the conversation offline.

Social Media is a powerful communication tool – but you don’t seal the deal over Twitter do you? This is when being face to face or on the phone will get the business.

To expect people to signup to your services without ever speaking to you is rather foolish and unrealistic.

David Cowling :

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  • Hit the nail on the head – we often forget social media is only the start of a business relationship. Well done!

  • Alison Gilbert

    I could not agree more. In fact, I was just thinking about this very issue. I love social media as part of the ‘reach’ that the Internet and all its platforms have created. But as the saying goes, it is too easy to lose the forest from the trees.

    Social media as a business tool reminds me of how people become when they get into these huge SUVs and become monsters on the road. They become their vehicles.

    The Internet leaves much room for people, business and otherwise, to become aggressive, rude and insensitive without even noticing in. One can become insulated, isolated and oblivious to the real world. Social media is a vehicle. It is a means to a beginning. We have to be very careful that we do not lose our humanity when we take on this humongous Internet mechanism.

    The origins of both the Internet and the social media platforms that now exist due to its invention were not initially for business marketing. Things evolved that way. Have they gotten out of hand? It is our responsibility to see that they do not. We need blog posts like this as anyone who drives a vehicle must be trained and even tested to see if they are fit to drive. Then there are ‘rules of the road’ to guide us. That is not to say that these rules are always followed or that the limits of vehicles are not tested beyond what is safe, humane and just plain humanly decent.

    We have a tremendous responsibility and a gigantic gift in social media. Unfortunately, there is no training or test required to use the multitude of platforms available to us. WE can essentially drive without a license or drive drunk, if you will.

    The Internet is filled with DWIs who don’t even know it. Most of the time there is no enforcement of proper procedures. Here again, we need these kinds of blogs and even stronger messages to enlighten drivers and even set required standards of behavior. I have received what I consider many rude, pushy sales hype communications from others using social media. I always attempt, as time allows, to stop to take the time to explain ‘the rules of the road’ etiquette, Introduce, Engage, Relate. To do otherwise is bad form and not the way to ever form a potential relationship, client or otherwise.