Vodafone down, Easter Weekend, Social Media prevails

So this Easter Sunday, all of us Vodafone customers are enjoying out Easter Lunch/ Dinner, trying to send a SMS/TXT message but it seems the entire Vodafone TXT message network was down, and has only just come back.

From 2:30pm, noone on Vodafone could send SMS till about 8pm, 24/04/11.

Checking the Vodafone Network Status Page:

Vodafone TXT/SMS update Australia

SMS/TXT messaging problems on Vodafone Network – was frustrating at the lack of updates.

So Australia took to Social Media, to find out what was going on (and to vent their frustration).

Twitter –!/search/%40VodafoneAU_help

Facebook –!/vodafoneau/posts/10150173979532617

I wanted to know when the service was going to be fixed, and refreshing a page not being updated was just annoying, however looking at the Vodafone Facebook page got me the quickest notification service was restored, as other people started to report SMS/TXT messages were sending out successfully.

Rather unfortunate on an Easter Sunday, especially as in February Vodafone sent an appology email to customers in regards to constant network issues, slow mobile 3G data speeds, etc. – Vodafone please 🙂 … !

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  • vodafoneuser

    mine still doesnt work… and its passed 8pm…

  • Sorry to hear that!