What is Facebook EdgeRank?

on June 5, 2012 | Facebook | Comments (1)

Competition is the name of game in online marketing, and when the platform in question is Facebook, the game just goes to a whole new level. There are so many businesses with a Facebook presence, and they work hard to amass a large number of fans in Facebook. Some even go a step further by ensuring that they post daily in an effort to connect with their fans. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of posts ever get to the fans, and statistics have shown that only 1 in 6 fans will see your posts.

Competition in the newsfeed

In this competitive platform, it is all about getting the competitive edge, and this is what Facebook’s EdgeRank is about. This algorithm will help the business owner to ensure that they feature in the newsfeeds of majority of their fans. Unlike search engine algorithms, the Facebook EdgeRank is pretty straightforward and it is very easy to understand and get around. It is all about the affinity of a post, the weight of the edge it creates as well as its time decay.


Affinity in EdgeRank is about Facebook ensuring that your posts reach individuals who find them relevant. Facebook members usually have so many friends, and they are affiliated with so many fanpages. If all these pages had daily updates, the feeds would be overwhelming for the Facebook member.

Fan interaction is key

Therefore, Facebook EdgeRank ensures that individuals only get to see posts from business pages that they find interesting. This is usually based on how they have reacted to posts in the past. If they do nothing with a post, the likelihood is that they may never receive posts from a business page again.

Like, Share, Comments = boost in Edgerank

However, if they like, share or even comment on a post, they will most likely receive updates from the page in future. Affinity is all about interaction and engagement, and it is important to ensure that this engagement is through the
Facebook website and not any other third party application.

The edge weight is a determination of the strength of the content - this is about the content of the status update, as well as the weight of the interaction. Pictures and videos are considered weightier than text, and a video update that is accompanied by an explanatory text will earn the most points. Also, the interactions that the fans have carry different weight, with clicking on the post being worth close to nothing. Liking and sharing a post is worth less than commenting on a post, as a comment requires more time and effort.

Time decay on Status Updates

The time decay of a post also affects the EdgeRank of the business page on Facebook. If the news is old, it will be pushed back to the pages of history and recent posts will be highlighted more. Therefore, the page owner should ensure that they post as often as possible, and they could even try posting on Facebook several times in a day. It is possible to use insights to measure the success of a business page in order to strategize what is the best time of day to post your updates to your specific audience. Every audience will have a different time. After establishing what works best, it is important to have a schedule and to stick to it. This is important because the Facebook fans will be able to know when to expect a post from a particular page. They can therefore be around to comment or like a post and this will ultimately help to improve the EdgeRank of the particular page.

Facebook EdgeRank is a type of competition that gets better with practice. It is important for the business owner to always work hard at ensuring that more and more people interact with them through their page. The best way to do this is by posting engaging updates that request a call to action. For example, a business page on wedding planning could post a picture of a beautiful dress, accompanied by a description. After that, the post could read, “If you think this is the best dress to ever hit our stores, hit the like button and leave a comment”. This call to action is sure to get a few responses, and the EdgeRank of the page will improve as a result of this.

This has lead to many businesses writing ‘fill in the blank’ updates to attract fans and boost their edgerank. Whilst this may boost your fanpage, this practice is obviously to fans and often doesn’t help get the real business message across.

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