What Social Media Marketing Objectives Work

Social media is a exceptional way to

  • Capture an interested/prospecting customer so you can engage with them later.
  • Talk with them in a relaxed social manner
  • Educate them about your product or service
  • Turn them into loyal consumers and clients.
  • Learn more about your audience/ target market.
  • Ask them to them tell you why they are loyal and how to keep interested in your service.
  • Help you build your product, improve your product and innovate into other avenues.
  • Have your loyal fans evangelize your product.
  • Solve customer problems right when they know they have one (customer service).
  • Be ready in case something you do produce becomes ‘viral.’ (hopefully it does at some point, small or large scale)

In conjunction with a well thought out sales or marketing plan, social media may be appropriate to:

  • Increase your sales (consumer audience)
  • Generate leads (B2B) audience

I argue that social media is not great with increasing awareness. Ideally, employ a marketing tactic that is excellent at increasing awareness, like TV, and then funnel people to connect with you on social media. TV is still the best medium for awareness; social media is better than anything else at capturing the customer for future engagement. The one exception is when some of your content goes viral.

What do you think?

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