Why did Twitter change their logo?

on June 26, 2012 | Twitter | Comments (2)

If you have not yet seen the new Twitter logo – here it is.

A glance at the new twitter logo and one would think that Larry bird was either shown the door or that he got a clean new shave. This is because Twitter features a new logo which has some subtle difference from the Larry that fans have grown to know and love. The bird is neater and the shade of blue is darker and it seems to be about to fly upwards, as opposed to Larry who always seemed to be in a horizontal motion.

Blue bird = Twitter

During the unveiling of the new logo, it was revealed that the new bird was Twitter and that there was no need to accompany the logo with a small  ‘t’ or any other bubbled typeface and text that had previously accompanied Larry. Twitter has grown into a brand that has a recognizable logo and this twitter bird will be recognized universally as twitter’s symbol.

Flying High 

Apart from the haircut, the new bird does feature several other changes. For starters, the blue of the new twitter bird is darker than that of Larry. The beak of the new bird is also straighter compared to that of Larry, and the feathers are reduced on the new bird. The Twitter bird also seems to be flying towards the sky. This bird is more simplified and it establishes twitter’s place in its industry as it has joined large companies such as Target and Nike which are simply recognized by their logo.


Apart from the fact that it seems to be flying to greater heights, this logo also has a lot of depth. The new bird is designed purely from three overlapping circles which is what  has helped it to look so neat. It is designed from simple geometry and the three overlapping circles represent networks, ideas and interests which is how Twitter users connect with their friends. This is the basis of twitter as it aims at helping people to share their ideas and interests by connecting through a network. This is the case whether the members are working together with the aim of achieving a common goal, or whether they are watching from above in order to get a broader picture. The twitter bird represents hope, freedom and possibilities and this means that for this social media network, there are no limits to how high it intends to fly.

New rules when displaying the Twitter logo on your website 

The change also came with a change in the guidelines that govern the use of the Twitter logo. Any website or company that wants to use the bird must use the Twitter bird as it is without any modifications. The bird must face towards the right and there must be one hundred and fifty per cent or more buffer space around this bird.

No editing the image/logo 

Speech bubble and words are not supposed to be used anywhere around the twitter bird and the bird’s direction is not to be rotated or changed. The bird should also not be duplicated or animated and the colour should remain the same. No other marks apart from the twitter bird should be used to represent Twitter.

RIP Larry

A lot of people have wondered why Twitter has decided to kill Larry after many followers had formed an emotional attachment with it and why they had replaced it with this perfectly designed bird. Others have wondered why they had to make any changes at all considering the fact that the changes are so subtle. However, there could be various reasons behind this change. For starters, the new logo appears more formal and dynamic but it has not lost the engaging look which Larry was known for. The design has a lot of depth and the new bird definitely has a lot of meaning for the brand apart from the fact that birds tweet.

Flying High = Growth/ Success 

The fact that the bird seems to be flying upwards as opposed to horizontally could mean that the company is in a process of growth. This could be something that the company hopes its followers will recognize, considering the fact that twitter has been accused of having no monetization tactics despite the fact that it has been in operation for six years. The brand plans on going places and it will no longer sit still but it will instead improve its services so that followers will continue to enjoy using this social media network.

New logo, New feel 

Twitter has big plans and it hopes that its logo will be able to show this. The new logo shows that the new bird has already flown to great heights considering that the brand no longer needs text to accompany its logo. With this new bird, the sky is no limit as it promises to soar together with its members.

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