Why is Video Blogging so important?

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video-bloggingThe success of a weblog is measured by the traffic as well as the revenue that it is able to generate. It is therefore important to ensure that your blog is as interesting and as interactive as possible. This is usually one of the most daunting tasks that every blogger has to accomplish. However, there are very many tips and tricks that can help a blogger to heighten the interest and interaction levels of their blogs so that visitors are compelled to stay on it long after the page has loaded. One of the most effective tactics to use is to incorporate videos into your blog.

A different impression about that Blogger 

It is important to realise that a blog is meant to give people a sneak peek into the mind and heart of the blogger and video blogging is the easiest way to do this. If pictures could be equated to a thousand words, then videos are worth much more and they communicate better to clients with a visual stimuli. By using videos in blogging, the text is revived and there is more life to the page. Putting a sound and a face to a page can help to build trust among readers and this could ultimately result in the success of the blog.

Videos attract a different (visually stimulated) audience 

Videos that are appealing will attract readers and listeners to your blog, and it will ensure that the bloggers stay for longer. It is therefore one of the most effective marketing strategies on the internet and bloggers can use it to help them generate traffic and in turn, revenue for the blog. Video blogs do not have to be uploaded on your website only as they can also feature in other prominent video sharing websites. Video blogs are also a good way to attract a different kind of Search Engine traffic which will ultimately result in higher page rankings and increased traffic to your blog.

Videos add personality to your Blog 

A video blog can add personality to a regular blog and it is also the best personal branding technique out there. Through a video blog, people can be able to get a feel of who you are and what your business prospects are about. Your voice and your confidence can also establish you as an authority on the subject and this helps a lot with personal branding. The confidence that you exude in your voice and the likability that is present in your personality will make listening to you a breeze. You should also portray your professional or your laid back image through your video blog, depending on what your blog is about. All these help your viewers to trust you and this trust will definitely reflect in your wallet.

Video forms a new level of trust with your readers 

Relationships and trust go hand in hand, and these are the two factors that will ultimately generate traffic to your weblog. It is also important to ensure that what you are saying in your video blog is informative and interesting so that your listeners do not get the feeling that they wasted their time by giving you their ears.

Have a quality setting and backdrop

It is also important to note that if your video is of poor quality, no one will listen to it, regardless of how informative and interesting your content is. Video blogs with poor quality sound and pictures could be detrimental to your blog. The saving grace is that one does not have to be a professional to get in front of the camera and create a video blog. This is because there are several video editing applications out there which individuals can use to improve the quality of their video blogs.

Video allows you to be creative in new ways 

Video blogging is very important in marketing yourself and your website, and the more creative you are, the more successful you will be in this venture. Through video blogging, marketers make buying and selling more interactive and this will make it easier for your clients to visit your website or to swipe their cards to purchase your products or services.

YouTube is the most common video browsing tool on the web and I use this myself to reach the largest possible audience. After all – the aim is to reach as many internet users as possible with and convince them about your particular product, service or opinion.

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