Writing a Social Media Press Release

If you are an online marketer then using Social Media to distribute your Press Releases is a great way to get additional exposure to your article.

The problem many have when using Social Media to submit Press Releases is that people don’t customise the press release for social channels and just submit a traditional article.

You need to specifically tailor your release for a Social Media audience, and if done properly can yield impressive results and the grand cost of $0 (if you can do all the work yourself).

So the questions is:

How to Write a Social Media Press Release?

1. Keep it informal

Unlike Traditional Press, promoting to a social media audience should be informal, more personal and using language users would expect to read, ie not highly formal, boring statements.

2. Use the Headline to grab attention

The Headline of your PR will be what shows on most social media sites. The full article may not show unless a user clicks your headline – so use the headline to grab attention.

Keep the headline short, and keyword rich for any potential SEO benefit.

3. Understand the Social Networks Users

If you are promoting a particular product, understand the users on the Social Networks you are promoting to. Make your press release about the users – how can you help them, what can you offer them, what can your users learn from you?

4. Provide Value

In your PR give the users something for free. This could simply be a great piece of advice or knowledge. Doing this will make it more likely for them to share your article with their own network.

Layout for your Social Media Press Release

Here is the layout I recommend when creating a simple SM PR.

– Main Headline
– Secondary Headline
– Summary/ Overview
– Body of Article/ Facts/ Media/ Pictures
– About your company
– Social Media Links (profiles/accounts etc)
– Links about the particular product or service
– Links back to your own website
– Tags/ Keywords in relation to your article
– Contact Details

Remember to try keep your PR short, ideally under 1 page as you need to grab the users attention quickly, and a long winded article is sure to do the opposite.

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