Yahoo and Bing Australian Search Results merging this month

on January 12, 2011 | Bing Yahoo | Comments (0)

Last year in the USA – Bing replaced the results in a Yahoo! search queries with their own Bing results.

Now later this month Bing will merge their results with Yahoo on both Bing Australia and Yahoo Australia. Therefore if you run a search on either Yahoo or Bing it should give you the same results.

If you haven’t yet submitted your website to Bing webmaster tools, I would recommend you do it now.

If you have a great ranking in Bing this may be passed across to Yahoo and you could expect an increase in visitors. However if you had a high ranking in Yahoo and were experiencing good traffic, this may be lost out when Yahoo’s results are replaced by Bing’s. Make sure your SEO work is passing across to Bing.

Keep an eye on your website stats and search engine referrals people! Search Engine Optimisation experts will likely be commenting more on this subject as the change takes place.

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