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People go through their years in formal education with the hope that one day they will put a lid on all the scoring and grading. However, unfortunately, this never comes to an end, and often a scoring system comes up that gives these individuals a number. This scoring system has followed individuals to the last alphabet of their tweets and posts so as to measure the influence that their updates have on people. Klout score is one such measurement which gives social media network users a score of 1-100 that measures their influence on other social media users. Anyone with a twitter account or an account in any of the other twelve social media networks that Klout scores definitely has a Klout score. A score of one would mean that you are practically invisible on the social network, while a score of 100 would make you Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber.

The Klout Score 

One may ask, what is in a Klout number and why should we care? Well, this number could hold a lot of opportunities for individuals in terms of employment and even free goodies. This is because more and more companies are looking to Klout scores to help them find individuals who have an influence in their target market. If they find that an individual has a higher Klout score, they may request them to use their product for free on the condition that they talk about it often on their social media profile.

Media and business is accepting the Klout score  

Business people and social marketers cannot afford to ignore their Klout score as it gives them an insight into how much they influence the people around them. The algorithm is not known, but one does not need to know anything about algorithms to improve their Klout score. It is all about influence, and the more influence an individual has on social networks, the higher their score will be.

Your score is not just about numbers, it’s about Engagement 

The first thing that anyone who aims for a high Klout score should do is to connect all their social media accounts to their Klout profile. This is a game of numbers, and it is important to have as many people following you and as many friends as you can manage. However, true reach is not just about having people at your tail who are literally ignoring you. All these numbers should be people that you constantly engage in conversation with. It is important to tweet your followers and to retweet their posts. This will make them notice you, and they will likely tweet you or comment on your posts in the future.

Do you influence your followers?

Klout score also measures how much influence an individual has among their followers. This is determined by how many people comment, like, share, reshare or even retweet an update. The more engagement a user is able to have, the higher their Klout score. The best way to increase this engagement and interaction is to drive people to act on an update. This is by asking for their opinion or by getting them to talk about themselves. One can also post an update that calls people to action. For example, instead of posting an update on a picture that states that a wedding dress is beautiful, the individual could post an update that states, “Like/share this picture if you think this wedding dress is darling.”

Do everything you can to increase engagement 

Asking questions is another way to increase engagement and thus increase the Klout score on a social media network. It is easier for people to respond to questions than mere comments, and answers get people talking. Therefore, it is better to tweet “What crazy thing have you ever done to hitch a ride?” as this will get a lot of responses. However, tweeting an update like, “Urgh! Unable to hitch a ride”, will not solicit a lot of responses from people.

Be consistent with your social media updates

It is better to write short posts that are easier to share and retweet without the need to edit. Whenever individuals feel that they have to edit a post, they will find it more difficult to share or retweet your post. It is also better to use language that is clear and inoffensive as people do not like to have to edit content before they retweet or share it. Also, ensure that the content is interesting and engaging and that it encourages followers to retweet it to others. Another tip is to link all your social networks on This is because it is almost impossible to be active on every social media network, and therefore, you should make all your updates count.

You may get Perks (not directly from the Klout site)

Klout score is a measure of influence, and social media networks are standing up and taking notice. Therefore, individuals who would like to get higher Klout scores should follow the above tips and work hard at it. However, they should not forget that social media networks are not about numbers and scores but about having fun while sharing with people close to you.

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