Social Media Statistics Australia – March 2013

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australia flag big Social Media Statistics Australia   March 2013 Today is Easter Monday and whilst a public holiday time to post our monthly stats for March.

We are starting to get to a point in Australia where social media growth is slowing and for some sites, static. We see larger sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and blogging platforms driving much of the engagement.

In Australia both Facebook and LinkedIn publicly share their users numbers with the media. I have been asking Twitter, via Twitter – if they could share their stats with us in regards to Australian user numbers. I didn’t get a reply after many attempts, and wrote this article about the @TwitterAU account.

Twitter finally got back with the following reply in regards to this tweet I have been sending @TwitterAU:

I do find this hard to believe, but moving on. Because Twitter don’t give us any indication on Australian users numbers we get an estimated figure based on the total Twitter user base of 200 Million Active users according to their Business site.

March 2013 Stats:
(figures below are Australian User accounts/ or Unique Australian Visitors (UAVs)

1. Facebook – 11,489,600 Australian users/accounts (down approx 188,080). We suspect this is continued efforts against spam accounts, some people deregistering.
2. YouTube – 11,000,000 UAVs (steady)
3. Blogspot – 3,000,000 (down 200,000)
4. – 2,900,000 (up 250,000)
5. LinkedIn – 2,757,000 (up 357,000)
6. Tumblr – 2,600,000 (down 200,000)
7. Twitter - 2,167,849 Active Australian Users (see calculation below)
8. Instagram - 1,083,924 Active Australian Users (see calculation below)
9. Flickr – 850,000 (up 20,000)
10. Pinterest – 640,000 (up 30,000)
11. Google Plus – approx 340,000 (my estimation)
12. MySpace – 300,000 (down 10,000)
13. Yelp – 220,000 (steady)
14. Reddit – 170,000 (up 10,000)
15. StumbleUpon – 95,000 (up 5,000)
16. Foursquare – 51,000 (down 2,000)
17. Digg – 33,000 (down 3,000)
18. Delicious – 31,000 (down 1,000)

Australian Twitter User Numbers

Facebook announced they have 1.06 billion active users.

Australia has 11,489,600 / or 1.08% of the total global user base.

According to Twitter’s Business Portal – they now have over 200,000,000 active users.

1.08% of this worldwide total = 2,167,849 monthly Australian users. As mentioned above Twitter do not have Australian numbers to supply us.

Australian Instagram User Numbers

Instagram recently announced they now have 100 million active users world wide. Therefore 1.08% of this equals 1,083,924 Australian users.

This is very much my estimation and if anyone can help further, please contact me. It’s important to note Facebook is well establish across the world, whereas Instagram isn’t as established in non western coutries with lower smartphone uptake. This is worth considering when estimating the Australian Instagram user numbers.

Facebook Penetration in Australia

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population clock – the population of Australia on 31/03/13 was approximately 22,980,000.

Facebook has 11,489,600 users out of a total country population of 22,980,000. This means almost 50% of the Australian population is signed up to Facebook. A phenomenal stat considering those under 13 are not allowed to sign up.

Key Points to Note:

  • WordPress has seen some increases recently as Posterous shuts down and people migrate their blogs
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogging platforms still popular in Australia
  • Facebook consistenly gets around 11.5 million Australian users to their site every month
  • Noone is really sure how Google Plus is going in Australia. It seems to be a business orientated network but doesn’t have the level of interaction like LinkedIn or Twitter.


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Stats courtesy: QuantcastComscoreGoogle Ad Planner tool, Google Trends, Facebook Self-Serve advertising toolVivid Social Research DivisionFigures correct as of 31/03/13.

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  • Pete Nicholls

    Hi David, thanks again for the latest update. Have you thought about including the rise of Trip Advisor as another Social Media network to track?
    I understand that the classic 3-star, 4-star, 5-star model is under threat, in favour of travellers using social media dialogue on Trip Advisor as a primary source.

    • David Cowling

      Hi Pete,

      Nice to hear from you.

      I did add this in sometime ago, then a few people requested I remove it as it’s not exactly a ‘social network’. As there is more interest I will look at adding this back in to the stats.


  • smartsocialmedia

    Hi David,
    Two questions…

    Firstly, the data you quote for Facebook – do you know if that is for personal accounts or a combination of personal accountants and pages (either brand or individuals operating under a page)?

    Secondly, Foursquare – my gut feel is they are slipping and the whole location based check-in seems to be stagnant – any thoughts?

    cheers Mark

    • David Cowling

      Hi Mark,

      To answer your questions:

      1. This figure is personal Australian user accounts, ie individual users (not fanpages).

      2. Foursquare does seem to be the ‘location layer of the internet’ – however the actual usage of the app is rather low in Australia. Do remember in the US and Europe Foursquare gets much more use. Foursquare still gets 5 million check-ins per day and many other social media apps/ websites use the Foursquare API to provide location data.

      But as mentioned I don’t feel it ever really took off in Australia.


  • Kruppy

    Hey guys – thanks for this. Are the blogger / wordpress / tumblr stats based on monthly uniques or open accounts (ie number of blogs live in the month)?

    • David Cowling

      Hi Kruppy. These figures are unique Australian visitors going to each site over the month.

  • Stephen Scott

    Finding geographic usage of Twitter is a nightmare!

    I attended a research seminar by German researchers at QUT recently who pointed out that Twitter usage in Germany (based on data from the recent election) showed that their active users are dwarfed by Australia’s take-up.

    However research from 2009 shows Germany had 2.12% of Twitter’s population, compared to Australia’s 2.62% ( So while they’ve obviously made decent in-roads in usage in Europe, the ‘active users’ there must be lower.

    Then you get sites like Stat Counter that only look at page views, not active users (, which doesn’t give you a user number, just page popularity.

    Why wouldn’t Twitter release geographic usage data? It makes no sense.

    • David Cowling

      It is strange. It would certainly generate buzz here.

      I am sure Twitter know the numbers, but just don’t want to release them (no doubt, because they are nothing special to go on about).

      Thanks for the link, interesting site. This page is interesting –

      But the numbers are way off..

      • Nish

        Hi David, why don’t you sign up for Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

        Their Radian6 product gets information directly from the Twitter Firehose, so it can breakdown everything from Geography, age, sex etc.

        It’s not the cheapest thing in the world, but it’s got the best social media insights on the market.


        • David Cowling

          Hi Nish,

          I don’t believe this product can actually tell me how many Australian users are actively on Twitter each month.

          If I am wrong – please tell me the figure – Active Australian Twitter users for March 2013.