3 Benefits of Twitter in Social Media Marketing

The success of a business rises and falls on marketing. It doesn’t matter how great your product is. If people don’t know about it then it won’t sell. For this reason, huge companies have made a science out of marketing. They continually study and improve the way they market their products. Right now, the trend is leaning towards social media marketing. With people getting connected all over the globe, social networking sites are a great place to increase brand awareness.

One powerful social media marketing tool is Twitter.

Twitter is a service that uses the microblogging platform to enable users to post their thoughts or comments on their profiles. These are called “tweets” and they have a limit of 140 characters. Twitter is not only a great way to connect with friends it is also a potent marketing tool.

Here are 3 benefits of using Twitter in social media marketing.

The first benefit of Twitter lies in its ability to connect people to real time events. If before you had to depend on the newspaper or the television to be updated, now all you need is a Twitter account. With Twitter you’ll know what’s happening almost as soon as it happens. People are going mobile now. And most smart phones can already enable people to use Twitter. If you utilize this in your business you will be able to let your target market know the latest company updates immediately. It allows fast dissemination of information. This is an advantage especially for businesses whose success depends on timing and information marketing.

The second benefit is it helps build up brand awareness. The beauty of Twitter is that it can work both ways. You can follow people and get them to follow you. Every time you send a tweet this appears on the home page of your followers. With Twitter you can build up a large following. And then you can start sending tweets about the latest events that are happening in your company. You can tweet about promos, year end sales or your latest product. Be creative! Use Twitter to keep people informed. Use it to get your customers engaged. With this tool you will be able to keep your brand constantly in front of your target market.

The third benefit is that it permits you to communicate directly with your customers. You will be able to have first hand information about how consumers see your product. With Twitter you can make your customers feel like you are conversing with them one-on-one over a cup of hot tea. Many people utilize Twitter to give out their opinions or concerns. Through this you’ll be able to improve on your products strengths and address its weaknesses. This is a fantastic way of showing people that you genuinely care and that their business matters to you. Many big companies fail to take proper care of their clients. If you are still starting up with your business then this is one advantage you have over the giants. You can use Twitter to relate and communicate with your customers more. This kind of customer care will go a long way in building client trust and loyalty.

The internet has made it possible for small, start-up businesses to compete with the big boys. This is because using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in marketing your brand is both cheap and effective. Everyday more and more people are joining the Twitter community. If you have a business that you want to promote you might want to try it and experience the power of Twitter marketing.

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