4sqwifi iPhone App gets you Free Wifi

on November 24, 2011 | Foursquare Wifi | Comments (0)

A new social mobile network is upon up. Yes a new one.

Built on the Foursquare API, 4sqwifi is an iPhone app that lets you share Wifi Hotspots and their passwords with any member of the public.

This is particularly useful if you are visiting a new city and need free Wifi access. What I like about it is how poeple share the passwords for many venues. For example you may often goto a cafe and have to ask for the password, whereas in this application many venues already have the password shown in the app so you don’t have to bother staff asking for the details.

You can see the Australian iTunes link for this app here:

There does seem to be a slight bug when logging into the App. You login with your Foursquare account and once your grant the app access to your Foursquare account you may not be able to proceed into the actual application. If this is the case try restarting the app/ your phone and trying again.

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