5 best uses for Real time search

With popularity of social media sites like Twitter becoming so great, users are turning to real time search engines to see the latest trending topics and stories.

But which areas of current affairs can be most utilised by real time search?

1. Famous People – its always interesting to see what celebrities and media identities are up to online, what they are posting, what content they are displaying.

2. Brand/ Business/ Restaurant – if you are thinking about a particular brand or maybe trying a new restaurant, type it into a real time search engine and see what people are saying about it.

is that particular business or brand on that social network too?

3. Movies/ Music – if a new movies comes our or a musician releases a new CD, see what other social media users are saying

4. News/ Breaking news/ Crisis – When a big news story breaks people going online to share their views. When a crisis happens information is shared via social media often hearing comments from the source.

5. Sport events – When a big sports game is on people share their support for their team via status updates. You may not have cable TV to watch that game but can ‘hear’ over a social channel whats happening.

Any others?

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