5 Easy Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

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When starting out on social media platforms like Twitter, it can be challenging to start a following. Your first followers are the most important as they will spread the word out there and attract more people to your page.

Here are 5 easy ways to engage them:

1- Tell your family and friends

Friends and family members are everyone’s first and best fans. Tell everyone about your new Twitter page during family reunions and friends gathering. Lunch breaks in the workplace are perfect opportunities to promote yourself as well.

2- Share your Twitter page on Facebook

Facebook has become the greatest way to communicate with friends online. Write your Twitter URL in a status update and share it with all your Facebook friends. Also make use of the sharing button, and share every single one of
your tweets or your Facebook wall; regular updates are crucial to remind people of your page and to build a following.

3- Share it via email

Some of your friends might not have joined the Facebook trend yet, make sure
you let them know about your new Twitter page by email, and include an easy to click HTML link in the body of your email, to make sure people can effortlessly visit your page.

4- Comment on blogs related to the content of your Twitter page

In example, if you have an online marketing Twitter page, visit various online marketing blogs, read their articles and write related comments on their page. Include you Twitter URL as part of the comment. It will drive traffic that are already interested in your content, which will end up in more followers.

5- Buy Twitter followers

According to Google keyword tool, more than 100 000 people every month search for the keywords “Buy Twitter Followers” every single month. Some consider this practice as unethical, but thousands of people (even President Obama!) found that it’s a great way to kick start your following on Twitter and not look like a lonely new page without fans. Prices range from $8-$20 for 1000 followers, which makes it affordable for everyone.

Once your friends are following you, all you need is to publish regular updates with great content, and the social media will work its magic, as they will start sharing your page with their own friends, colleagues, classmates and more.

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