A Problem With Instagram’s Popular Page – 15 Reports And Your Photo Is Removed

on October 29, 2012 | Instagram | Comments (1)

I received an interesting tip from a reader over the weekend about Instagram’s popular page.

Since the recent update the popular page is now called the Explore Page or Explore Tab.

On this page we see many popular users and celebrities get their photos promoted – because they receive such a large amount of likes in a small time period.

The Problem? 

It seems if a photo on the popular/ explore page receives 15 or more Report Inappropriate prompts from users, the photo is instantly removed from the popular page.

Every Instagram user is now a ‘Moderator’ 

This now means average Instagram users are ‘moderators’ of the site and there is a lot of Report Button abuse going on the popular page. Typically where people don’t like a particular celebrity or popular account – they are trying to get them kicked off the pop page.

Instagram does have a particularly young demographic globally so this type of behaviour on Instagram is getting more and more common.

No doubt the team at Instagram and Facebook have this issue on their radar and will be interesting to see if they make any change to combat this.

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