Apple iAd Advertising Platform released

on July 2, 2010 | Apple | Comments (0)

Apple has said the iAd will push mobile advertising into the mainstream adverting markets and also fuel the 3rd party apps market with it.

There has however been comments from developers and advertisers that its proprietary nature is too limiting in their eyes. Now it is up to Apple to convince otherwise.

Steve Jobs presented some interesting facts about the iAd advertising platform during the keynote in April. Steve told us the main functions of the iAD’s. Advertisements made with the iAd will be built right into the Operating System of the iPod/iPad/iPhone. This in turn create a more seamless experience for the user. Also the main point – users will not be redirected out of the app like current ads do.

It’s proprietary and therefore expensive, possible limiting smaller developers and advertisers to use the system. To start with Apple will only make the iAd available only on certain highly featured apps, smaller developers will have to wait and see what Apple decided. No doubt the doors will open eventually. Some big advertisers have complained the iAd platform seems pricey and time consuming to orchestrate.

Apple is charging $1 million membership fee for advertisers to be part of the iAd advertising network, and $10-per-1,000 impressions banner ads is very high also.

Apple is very involved in the creation of ads with external developers which could result in up to 2 months to make an iAD.

Other advertising networks eg Microsoft, Yahoo, Google can still be involved at a price. However this point in not exactly crystal clear as Apple have changed their terms and exclude advertising networks owned by an Mobile phone provider. There is feeling Apple want to block out Google/Admob and also limit in-depth reporting by 3rd party ad networks.

iPad users will not get iAd’s for several more months, around November. You can expect to start seeing iAD’s on major corporations applications.

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