Apple iOS 4.1 update and Game Center – add me as a friend!

on September 10, 2010 | Apple iPhone | Comments (0)

You are now able to download the iOS4.1 update for your iPhones.

The highlight of this update will be the new official Apple application – Game Center.

They should really spell it ‘centre’ for us Aussies but hey lets not worry about that : )

This is a social gaming application where you can play games with your friends, similar in ways to Xbox live.

The highly anticipated Windows 7 smart phone is going to have Xbox integration so Apple has done what they can to offer a similar service (although not as advanced).

If anybody would like to play games, feel free to add me as a friend 🙂

my username is: dddave85

If you are looking for more friends on this Social App, feel free to leave your username below in the comments and we can all play games. I have also created a post on the forum here where you can also leave your username for others to join you on this gaming network and talk about the preferred games you would like to play.

At the moment there are not alot of games to choose from, and 80% of them are paid for apps. But no doubt alot of new games will enter into the Game Center store soon.

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