Apple iPhone 4 Reception issue, Antennagate – Resolution!

on July 17, 2010 | Apple iPhone | Comments (1)

As we all know there has been a lot of complains from customers about poor reception and dropped calls on the new iPhone 4.

Apple held a press conference yesterday, Antennagate, and have come to the following resolution to keep customers happy.

All iPhone 4 Owners Get a Free Bumper. If they have already purchased a bumper they get a refund for it.

A software fix was rolled out, iOS update 4.0.1, which better reports the actual reception on the phone. There was a bug before that was reporting reception higher than it really was.

If Customers are still not happy they can Get a Full Refund — This is no doubt to also protect Apple from legal issues they may be facing as a result of releasing a product with faulty hardware.

Many people around the world are still reporting the iPhone 3GS has better all round reception than the iPhone 4.

No doubt when the iPhone 4 comes to Australia next month – there better be a whole load of bumper cases coming too!

Here is a video from the Antennagate Press Conference with Steve Jobs giving the run down. Steve goes on to explain how other phones such as the Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry have similar reception issues. Its a pretty dodgy video but regardless, enjoy.

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