Apple Safari 5 browser showcased at Apple Developers Conference

Apple Safari version 5 will be showcased at the Apple Developers Conference in California USA.

Already receiving praise for being one of the fastest browsers on the net, Safari 5 comes with a number of improvements over the previous version.

1. Safari Reader

A new browser based RSS reader called Safari Reader becomes part of the Safari tool collection. Similar to Google, the new Safari RSS reader will display a user’s RSS feeds on a single page for quick and easy viewing.

2. Bing

Safari 5 is one of the first to include native support for the fairly new Bing search engine. Users can choose between Bing, Yahoo, and Google for their default search provider. Will the new iPhone follow suit? We will find out soon!

3. HTML5

Safari continues to proactively implement HTML5 in the new version adding a raft of HTML5 supporting functionality to play better videos and web page browsing.

4. Safari Developer Tools

An upgraded timeline feature and keyboard shortcut menu streamline the development process and tool functionality.

5. Hardware Acceleration in Windows Operation Systems

Windows hardware acceleration is another new feature found in the new Safari 5 browser. Without this feature, Safari for Windows would continue to under perform and operate slower compared to Safari for Macintosh.

As a frequent Safari user myself I look forwarding to upgrading to Safari 5 and with native support for the Bing search engine.

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