Bing upgrades Webmaster Tools

Bing has upgraded their Webmaster Tools site with a number of enhancements for site owners to take advantage of.

If you are not aware – Bing has their on Webmaster Tool site in which website owners can submit an XML sitemap and check our particular search engines stats for their site index in Bing, and also information specific to Bing SEO. You can access the site at:

This is similar to the Google Webmasters portal in many ways.

The new features to the Bing portal include:

Crawl Delay
You are able to control how quickly Bing is indexing your site.

New User and Role Management
New features for setting up users and their permissions inside the portal.

Index Updates
Improvements to how fast your data is displayed in search and reports.

URL Control
Decide which of your URLs are in the Bing index, and which are not

Whilst Bing is not big in Australia yet, it is making good progress in other parts of the world – particularly in the USA.

Since day1 I have had my site setup in the Bing Webmasters section. I have noticed indexing of your site is a little slower than Google so it’s best you get in there and set it up to ensure you are getting maximum potential traffic.

Also in due course the Yahoo search results will be replaced by Bing so it’s important we start paying attention to Bing and how to get in their index.

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