Create your own Infograph with Foursquare

on February 25, 2011 | Foursquare Geolocation | Comments (0)

Geolocation and mobile application – Foursquare, has had a 3rd party developer build a web app that will quickly build you an Infograph from your Foursqure check-in and user data.

To build your own infograph goto: and sign in with your Foursquare credentials.

This tool was developed recently at a Foursquare ‘hacker’ day at their New York HQ. Around 150 developers turned up – people whom have been building applications around the Foursquare ecosystem.

This infograph tool was one of the highlights of the event.

Another developer built an application whereby you and your friends check into a resturant. Then when you go to pay the bill – you can work out how to split the bill fairly using this application

I’ve been a little quiet with Foursquare news lately, mainly because there hasn’t been alot going on in Sydney and Australia. However more and more Australian’s are using the service, including the City of Sydney at the recent Sydney Festival!

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