Facebook has huge event tomorrow: F8 Conference

on September 21, 2011 | Facebook | Comments (0)

Tomorrow (Thursday 22 September US time) Facebook is holding their annual F8 conference in San Francisco to update Developers, Platform partners and the press what Facebook’s plans are and new products.

Some of the topics for discussion are as follows:

1. Facebook music service that allows users to share what music they are listening to. Many large online music services are expected to already be involved.

2. Movie and TV sharing service, most probably integrating with Hulu and Netflix

3. Content and News publishers will become involved. It seems large news websites are looking for a new way to integrate into Facebook and share their news.

4. Facebook Credits system will be expanded and possibly incorporate new forms of social payments.

5. A new photo sharing iPhone app is expected to be released.

6. Possibly the Facebook Messenger app will be discussed and when it will be rolled out further globally. Facebook messenger is an iPhone application that could potentially replace SMS. I am waiting for it to come to Australia!

7. Facebook has been working on an iPad application for sometime and we’re expected to hear shortly about the official release.

8. Deeper Integration with Twitter by Facebook making an Official application to send updates to your Twitter account.

Plus I am sure there will be much more discussed. We will keep you updated with the key findings as the F8 event unfolds. Facebook is innovating with new products at a rapid pace. It will be interesting to see the uptake.

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