Foursquare makes Business Pages Self-Serve

on August 11, 2011 | Foursquare | Comments (0)

Previously if you were a business and you wanted your own page on Foursquare (similar to a Facebook fan page) you specifically had to contact Foursquare and get access, which was a lengthy process usually only reserved for large brands.

Foursquare have now opened up their API and you are able to goto the Foursquare website and create your own business page.

To do this goto:

This will allow businesses to sign-up and create their own page, get people following them, share tips, and offer deals.

Foursquare is a particularly good (Social) Geolocation Marketing tool for hospitality and retail businesses.

You are also able to connect your Twitter and Facebook account (including Facebook Fan pages) where businesses can then push their tips to. You are also able to assign several people to manage your Foursquare page, once again similar to Facebook.

Once you have submitted atleast 5 tips, your Foursquare page will be featured in their Page Gallery at

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