Foursquare now lets you check-in to Events

on August 19, 2011 | Foursquare | Comments (0)

Foursquare has updated their system to allow users to now check-in to major events.

Often you will goto the movies and check-in and type in what movie you are seeing, or you may check-in to a park with 50 other people, why? because you are at a big music festival. But if you didn’t know what was happening at that park it would seem like there are 50 people (with Foursquare) walking their dogs at the same time.

Foursquare will now be pulling events from all around the world into their database. They will show in the Foursquare iPhone app about half an hour before the event starts.

At the moment users in the USA and UK are reporting that this functionality is available – particularly for sporting events, concerts and cinemas.

No doubt Foursquare will expand the locations and events types. We will confirm once this functionality is available to Australian users.

Eventually Foursquare may allow users who ‘manage’ a particular venue to create events which will be great to expand this feature even further into the FS ecosystem.

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