Foursquare reaches 15 Million Users

on December 6, 2011 | Foursquare | Comments (1)

Foursquare has released some new stats, the geo-location service now has 15 million users – half of which are in the USA, the other half international users.

In the last year Foursquare has gained 10 million new members.
Growth in the US is strong, but in Australia I must admit I’m losing interest. Facebook places simply provides a much richer experience with many more people. The incentive for deals is not enough to make me a consistent user. I’m finding the only time I check-in now is for a work related event so I can broadcast the check-in to Twitter. But is there really any benefit to this?

If you are really into reviews then Foursqaure still is relevant, but maybe Yelp will gain more traction in Australia?

Are you an active Foursquare user? What are you getting out of it?

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  • Yes I agree. The market just isnt there for it. Facebook places has seen all of our check ins and only 1 through foursquare.

    Im just putting all efforts into places now however i wish they would improve places so i can see who is checking in and reward them for doing so.

    Do you know of any upcoming changes to fb places?