Foursquare tips for business owners

on May 16, 2010 | Foursquare | Comments (0)

With the success of Geo-location services such as Foursquare and Gowalla, there are several ways business owners can interact with Foursquare users checking into their venue.

1. Encourage people checking into your veune to leave ‘Tips’ and ‘To Dos’

As a business owner of say a restaurant or retail out let- if you can get users spreading the word by social media this is going to attract a user base you may not generally be attracting. This is like word of mouth through social media channels.

2. Give your mayors a special discount of freebie

If you own a cafe, restaurant of FMCG your most basic business principal is to get people to return and buy more! If you offer Foursquare mayors discounts of freebies they are more likely to keep returning and maybe ever getting users trying your place more to ‘win’ that mayorship.

3. Recognise your Foursquare users/ customers

Seeing that Foursquare ties in so close to Facebook and Twitter you can interact with your customers and say ‘thank you’ even once they have left. This can also be good to offer past customers a discount next time they come to your venue. Or maybe you could even get them to join your Facebook fan page.

4. Integrate Foursquare onto your website

Make sure people know your business is on Foursquare and encourage them to check in! Add a badge to your website and more users may ‘check in.

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