Get your CEO on Twitter

on April 17, 2012 | Twitter | Comments (2)

So your business is already using social media as a Marketing and Customer Service tool? Great.

I have been looking at ways to differentiate your social media plan from the norm and offer your users and followers something different.

Many of us want to see company heads on social media sites and interacting with everyday users and consumers. Give the high-level strategy a break for a minute and get in touch with your target audience and people who want to talk to you.

Redefining your Social Media Plan 

1. Continue using your existing Social Media accounts for promotion and customer service. People already follow these accounts and you may have good dialogue.

2. Get your CEO to Sign-up to Twitter.  If the CEO is too busy just get some quick direction from him about what he would like posted. Maybe he can Tweet the weekly company blog post, links to the email newsletter or industry commentary.

In his bio add something like:

CEO of <company name>. Contact me for support, sales or customer service queries

3. This will surely differentiate your company and CEO from your competitions. In fact the social media community may pick it up rather quickly and will certainly boost your companies profile and reputation in this space. Don’t be surprised if the CEO ends up getting more followers than your Support Accounts.

In fact CEOs joining Twitter is no new thing – many have been doing it for sometime – often without realising the benefits they are creating.

CEO doesn’t have the time or interest to Tweet? 

Yes, I thought you might say that.

If the CEO is indeed busy or not all that interested in Tweeting, no problem. Just make it look like he is Tweeting and pass the account across to the social media or marketing team for them to manage and reply to user queries. It may not be 100% authentic, but who needs to know that? 🙂

This is just another form of Social Media Management – actors and celebrities get others to manage their accounts.

At the end of the day if it boosts your company profile – why wouldn’t you do it?

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