Google Over-Optimisation Penalty

on March 19, 2012 | SEO | Comments (0)

Searching the web we often find many websites that rank high on the first page, but do not offer the content and quality we are looking for.

These websites may be totally ‘white-hat’ and not doing anything wrong in the eyes of the search engines – they are just so well Search Engine Optimised they rank above proper quality websites.

Matt Cutts from Google has acknowledged at South By Southwest that Google is working on an ‘over-optimisation’ penalty to target these sites that rank high naturally but are concentrating too much on SEO and not enough on user engagement and quality.

When does this new Penalty take effect?

We are estimating this new penalty will come into force over the coming weeks/months.

What can we do about the Over-Optimisation Penalty?

  • Don’t obsess about SEO, don’t keyword or title stuff.
  • Make sure your site has a nice, clean layout and offers quality content to users.
  • Continue enticing your readers to link to you naturally.

All in all – concentrate on your website content, not your website SEO.

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