Google PageRank stopped working in SEO Quake?

on October 18, 2011 | SEO | Comments (0)

If you are an active web-marketer or digital media professional, when surfing the web you probably want some detailed metrics about the sites you are visiting on the fly – particularly information on how popular/established the websites are.

Metrics you may find useful could include:

– Google PageRank
– Alexa Rank
– Yahoo Link count
– Google Cache (last time Google cached the page)
– Bing Index
and so on.

The best add on (plugin) to this is SEO Quake. The plugin simply adds a toolbar to your browser with these metrics on every site you visit – very hand in my opinion.

However recently Google changed the server where their PageRank algorithm data is looked up and therefore all 3rd party toolbars showing PageRank including SEO Quake simply showed N/A for all website.

To fix SEO Quake show it again shows Google PageRank, follow these steps:

1. Click into the SEO Quake Preference Tab

2. Double Click on ‘Google PageRank’

3. Paste the following code into the box:

[NAME]=Google pagerank [TITLE]=PR [URL_R]={gchecksum}&features=Rank&q=info:{url|encode} [REGEXP]=Rank_.*?:.*?:(d+)

4. Press OK, then OK again.

SEO Quake should now again show the Google PageRank for any websites you visit. SEO Quake is available in Mozilla Firefoz, Apple Safari and Google Chrome web browsers.

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