Google to Launch Third Party Commenting System, and Vanity URLs

on March 28, 2012 | Google | Comments (1)

Google has just held a conference in Saudi Arabia and some interesting new information has been released.

Blogger, Tech-WD has posted about Google talking about and introducing 2 big changes that centre around Google + in an effort to continue driving more users to their social network, and to also increase the relevance of their social products.

The 2 updates are:

1. Google is going to make their own commenting system similar to the Facebook commenting platform.

Comments on Google’s system will be indexed in search and thus should pick up interest from publishers looking to gain more search engine visibility.

So this new feature will compete directly with the Facebook Comment Platform, but also other 3rd party providers like Disqus, LiveFyre and IntenseDebate.

This is interesting, but I think most website owners need to provide other methods to comment besides having a Google Account.

2.  Vanity URLs will become available for Google+

This is a much needed feature on Google Plus, but I don’t blame Google for being slow to release this feature. This update in itself will get a lot of people back to the Google+ site just to claim their vanity URL.

It’s smart for Google to wait before releasing this product.

We will keep you update with any further news when it becomes available.

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(On the homepage of there is a link to their G+ page – talk about massive visibility).

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