Google Updates PageRank again, 18 July

Google has updated their PageRank algorithm last night Australia time and it seems to have made a correction in it’s ranking algorithm.

I have noticed many times that previously had a drop in PR have had this increased.

And some sites that increased in PR in the June updated have been dropped back.

It seems the PR update towards the end of June may have been overly optimistic and Google has now corrected this.

While many argue a sites PR is no longer an overly important metric (like your Alexa rank), many webmasters are still fixated with their PR score.

David Cowling :

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  • Interesting post — what is your opinion on this? Do you think PR is something that is important/useful, or not? Also, I have heard SEOs suggest that a score as calculated by SEOmoz is useful/interesting, but PR by itself is not. Do you agree? Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Will,

    I would say Google Page Rank is MUCH more important than MozRank.. for obvious reasons.



  • Great to know! It's also important to remember though that Toolbar PageRank is delayed by a couple of months so chances are that these changes were affected by the Panda update, or another algorithm update, earlier this year.

  • It's good to know. But now higher page rank is not valuable, it is important to maintain SERP and Branding for Website.

  • I really hope Google will keep the PR update frequency. It is good for all, site owners have more ideas about how they should develop their sites and advertisers know which site will be suitable and credible enough for them. Do you have the same opinions with me?