Google’s Algorithmic Farmer Update Aims to Rank High Quality Unique Sites

Google has recently rolled out the Google Farmer Update, a major
improvement on Google’s secret ranking algorithm, aiming to better rank high quality websites on its search results pages and web index.

Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand (a popular US Search Engine Blog) has named it as Google ‘Farmer’ update so that there will be a shorthand way of talking about this major algorithmic and data update by Google. Specifically the ‘Farmer’ remark is to point out content farms, blogs, and websites.

The main objective of this update is to lower down and reduce the rankings of sites that are just not very useful/ unique and with no original content or information. At the same time, it gives rewards to those high-quality and individual websites focusing on providing unique, quality, compelling and well-written content and information to search engine users by bringing them up on Google’s top search results and rankings.

Google’s Farmer Update has negatively affected the rankings of many websites, primarily hit those are Article Directory Sites and Spam Blogs. According to Google’s Official Blog, it claimed that 11.8% of their USA search query results were changed/ impacted from this algorithm update. There has been alot of talk lately about spam climbing its way up Google results pages – and this is clearly Google taking an effort to reduce that.

Google believes (and I do to) that this new ranking improvement is their great move to achieving their primary goal of helping people to find the most relevant answers to their search queries, and doing this as quickly as possible.

At the moment, the update only affects the search results on; however, Google intends to roll it out worldwide soon including for Australia.

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