Hamilton Island Launches Instagram Photo Campaign/Competition

on October 15, 2012 | Australia Instagram | Comments (0)

Hamilton Island are undertaking an interesting social media campaign to raise awareness of the island as a holiday destination and also increase their social media presence among other Australian’s, visitors, tourists and general holiday-goers.

Hamilton Island is managing this social media campaign internally – which is great to see, and the focus of the campaign will be around their Instagram account and hashtag.

You may remember this video we posted in September – Instagram Addicts Video. The same guys, Pilgramers (Instagramers on a pilgramage) are coming to Hamilton Island for an Instameet (Instagram meetup) from 23-25 November. The Hamilton Island Pilgramers will capture their experiences and post them on Instagram and other social media outlets such as You Tube, and Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ sharing the InstaMeet in real-time with their networks of friends and followers.

Their latest video references their trip to Hamilton Island and how you can take part:

Sophie Baker, Hamilton Island’s Senior Communications Manager, said: ‘We’re very excited about promoting the Island through Instagram, one of the best ‘moment’ sharing platforms in social media. In today’s society, people take much of their inspiration and ideas for holidays from friends, family and followers, so hosting our own Ultimate InstaMeet is the perfect way to generate incredible visual social media content.’

Do you want to join the Pilgramers?

To become a Hamilton Island Pilgramer and win one of four weekends away for the Ultimate InstaMeet from 23-25 November, simply:

1. Follow @hamiltonisland on Instagram

2. Post a photo on Instagram of your idea of paradise with the hashtag #hamiltonisland_Pilgramers_contest

3. Like Hamilton Island on Facebook to get regular updates of the competition.

Entries close Wednesday 31 October.

Here are some of the images of Hamilton Island already uploaded to Instagram.

All images via Hamilton Island Instagram account.

This looks like a great idea, so support this campaign and the video from Pilgramers will surely be entertaining to watch going by the past videos they have released.

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